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What advertising is available


Prices for RHS, Category and Specials ads are shown in red below

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If you’re wondering what type of advertising is available on this site  …  this is the section to read.

As you’ve probably already seen, there is no cost to be listed in the directory  …  but if you’d like further exposure, there are a number of ways to go.

Purchase a  ...

• Header or Footer Advert

• RHS Advert (Right Hand Side Ad)

• Category Advert

• Specials Advert

Here’s how they work


1. Header  ...  and Footer Ads

Pretty much self explanatory  …  where you can purchase an ad in the header space at the top of each page  …  or the footer space at the bottom of each page  …  for a month at a time.

Both Header and Footer Ads are on a 'slider'  ...  which slides from one ad to another sequentially  ...  with a limited number of ads each month to assure visibility.

These remain the same on virtually every page of the site for the whole month.


2.  RHS Adverts  (Right Hand Side Ads)

RHS ads are approx business card size and show randomly on most pages of the site  ...   but are displaced by Category Ads (described next) whenever someone searches a particular category.


3. Category Adverts

If anyone clicks on a particular category  …  all businesses or services in that category are listed  …

eg. if you select the 'plumbers' category  ...  all plumbers in town are listed  ...

But  ...  what changes  ...  is that the adverts on the RHS are replaced by ones that have been purchased by businesses in that category.

...  in this example  ...  by adverts bought by any of the plumbers listed.

This is similar to display ads alongside alphabetical entries in the yellow pages …

…  except that these ads are dynamic and can link directly to further information on the advertiser’s website    ie. your website.

…  and you don’t have to wait 12 months to make any changes

Obviously there is much greater exposure and potential for businesses whose ads are displayed when customers are searching for their particular products or service.


4. Specials Adverts

Probably the easiest way to understand a Specials Ad is to click on the Specials link in the menu bar at the top.

This opens up a page of small banners  ...  advertising special deals that businesses are offering for the month.

If you have purchased a specials ad  …  and someone clicks on your banner  ...  you can set it up so that either …

• a new full size page (on this site) opens with details of your specials  …  or

• a special’s page on your own website opens up.



RHS, Category and Specials adverts are all priced at $99 incl gst per month  …  but discounts are available for multi-month or multi-category purchases.



All ads can be purchased on a monthly basis and are ‘self serve’  …  where you can apply  …  upload your ads  …  and pay on-line as well.


If you have any questions about advertising on this site  ... please phone Roger on 0400 226 839 during office hours  ...  or email

If you'd like to advertise on this site  ...  register or log-in here


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